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Friday, 04 November 2016 09:05

Kawartha Conservation begins Burnt River Flood Plain Mapping update

Lindsay, ON – Kawartha Conservation staff have launched an 18-month project to update the Burnt River Flood Plain Mapping, last completed in 1991.
City of Kawartha Lakes and Conservation Authority staff were informed in late October they had received a 50 percent grant from the federal government towards the $133,000 project.
“Once completed the Burnt River Flood Plain Mapping update will allow us to address development in a smart, planned way,” explained Kawartha Lakes Ward 3 Councillor Gord Miller. “Not only will it help protect new people moving into the area, it will also protect the people that are already there.”
Technology has improved dramatically since the flood plain mapping was last completed in 1991.
Kawartha Conservation and City staff both agree, when complete, the updated flood plain mapping will provide better emergency management and planning information.
“This project will serve as an important update to the existing flood plain mapping for the area,” said Mark Majchrowski, Director of Integrated Watershed Management and Science. “Ultimately with newer technology and processes we will be able to refine the Burnt River flood plain mapping with new detailed topographical information.
“Given the historic flooding issues along the Burnt River watershed, this new detailed flood plain mapping will aid in ensuring safe planning and development work and help provide invaluable information moving forward,” he continued.
Coun. Miller added that all of the updated learning and information that is provided through flood plain mapping puts the municipality and partner agencies in a better position to address potential issues.
“With the improved technology, the data from the updated flood plain mapping will allow us to be much more prepared for potential threats,” said Coun. Miller. “We will be able to share the information and data with partner agencies like Trent Severn Waterway and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry so that we can all address challenges as they arise.”
Work on the updated Burnt River flood plain mapping has already begun with the work expected to wrap up by the end of March 2018.