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Monday, 29 April 2019 15:48

Flood programs will continue despite provincial funding cuts

APRIL 30, 2019 – At a time when more money and resources are needed to provide natural hazard and flooding programs to municipalities and the public, the Provincial government has cut conservation authority budgets for those program areas by 50 percent.

Mark Majchrowski, CAO for Kawartha Conservation, says that despite the recent cuts announced as part of the PCs first budget, the conservation authority will continue to provide the programs and services the member municipalities and public need and rely on.

“We’re seeing more severe and more frequent weather events impacting the communities we live in,” explained Mr. Majchrowski. “Our staff provide services and programs that include ongoing monitoring of water flows, levels and weather conditions which allows us to understand and predict how the events will impact our communities; that information is then shared with our municipal partners and the community. We understand how critical that information is and we will continue to provide those programs and services.”

Mr. Majchrowski said the reduction in funding will present challenges in the coming months as well as in subsequent budgets.

“There’s no question the reduction in funding is going to have an impact on our organization,” said Mr. Majchrowski. “We’re going to have to look at how we can address this type of reduction and continue to provide the very valuable programming that our customers, communities and partners have told us are important to them.”

Kawartha Conservation receives just over $47,000 from the province for flood programming. That is now reduced to about $23,500.

“Our priority is to make sure that we are providing the critical services and programs that our watershed residents, partners and municipalities need,” said Mr. Majchrowski. “Regardless of the financial challenges and uncertainties this reduction has resulted in for our organization, I want to assure all of our partners and the broader community that we will continue to make sure they have the information they need to protect themselves and their families.”