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Our Conservation and Natural Areas are regulated under the Conservation Authorities Act (R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 110). Violation of the regulations can result in fines and/or eviction.

Kawartha Conservation reserves the right to bar entrance or evict anyone whom it deems to be detrimental to the area or a threat to the safety of visitors.

Help keep our conservation and natural areas safe and healthy. Report any violations to Kawartha Conservation.

The following chart shows the fines which apply to specific offences, and the reasons for prohibiting these activities.

Offence Fine * Surcharge Explanation
Cut, Remove, Injure or Destroy Growth $125 $25 Do not disturb, destroy or pick any plant or animal life. Even deadwood is protected under the law because it provides important wildlife habitat and replenishes the soil as it decays.
Remove or Destroy Soil or Rock
Unlawfully Make Excavation
Permit Animal to be At Large, Disturb Other Persons, Make Excessive Noise or be Near Swimming Area $75 $15 Pets are allowed in the conservation areas, but they must be controlled at all times and kept on a leash that is 2 metres or less in length. Pets are not prohibited in swimming areas. ‘Stoop and Scoop’ applies at all conservation and natural areas. Freely roaming pets and pet feces can disturb wildlife and other visitors. Pet feces are considered as litter and treated accordingly.
Unlawfully Bring Animal Into Conservation Area
Deface, Remove or Damage Property $125 $25 Do not deface, remove or damage any structure. (Please report any vandalism at the Administrative Office).
Litter $125 $25 Help keep conservation and natural areas clean. Put all garbage and recyclables in the containers provided, or take them with you.
Fail to Keep Camp Area Clean or Keep in Natural Condition $125 $25
Unlawfully Start or Maintain Fire $150 $25 A permit is required to have a fire (contact the Administrative Office to obtain a permit). Permitted fires must be contained within the designated fire pit areas.
Leave Fire Unattended
Operate Motor Vehicle At Excessive Speed $125 $25 Excessive speeds are dangerous to park visitors who may be walking, riding bikes or driving. The speed limit is 30 km/hr on all area roads. Please park only in designated areas.
Park Motor Vehicle Other Than Where Permitted $25 $10
Use Abusive or Insulting Language $150 $25 Rowdy behaviour, including excessive noise and obscene language, is not permitted. Do not disturb any other visitors or prevent their enjoyment at any time.
Make Excessive Noise
Disturb Other Persons
Fail To Obey Officer $125 $25
Unlawfully Sell, Offer For Sale, Engage In Fund Raising, Advertise or Carry On Business $50 $10 It is prohibited anywhere within all conservation areas to sell or offer for sale an article or service, or engage in fundraising without prior permission and arrangements.
Unlawfully Conduct Public Performance, Bring In Equipment For Public Entertainment, Conduct Public Meeting or Cause People To Congregate $50 $10 Permission is required to hold a public performance of any kind or to conduct a public meeting or do anything that is likely to cause people to congregate (contact the Administrative Office to obtain permission).
Unlawfully Operate All-Terrain or Motorized Snow Vehicle $125 $25 Motorized vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, etc.) are prohibited anywhere within all conservation and natural areas.
Unlawfully Kill, Trap, Pursue or Disturb Wildlife $150 $25 Hunting and fishing are prohibited anywhere within all conservation and natural areas to maintain a wildlife refuge and ensure the safety of visitors. Dogs at large are considered a disruption of wildlife.
Unlawfully Possess, Shoot, Discharge or Use: Spring Gun, Air Gun, Firearm, Slingshot or Archery Equipment $150 $25 Spring Guns, Air Guns, Firearms, Slingshots and Archery Equipment are prohibited anywhere within all conservation and natural areas to ensure the safety of visitors.
Unlawfully Possess or Ignite Fireworks $150 $25 Possession or use of fireworks are prohibited at all times in conservation areas. They constitute a fire hazard and disturb wildlife and visitors who want to enjoy the park in a peaceful manner.
The Criminal Code of Canada also applies in Conservation Areas. -   See