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    The Dock Primer: A cottager's guide to waterfront-friendly docks

    This primer points both the confirmed do-it yourselfer and the equally confirmed purchase-it-yourselfer in the direction of good docks and good dock-building practices.

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    The Shore Primer: A cottager's guide to a healthy waterfront

    This primer will show you how to protect and nurture the qualities that make your shoreline such a special location. It also offers cottagers and other landowners constructive solutions for restoring an altered shoreline to its former health and beauty.

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    A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Lakeland Living

    This guide offers you the information that you’ll need to make the most of your shoreline property while living in cooperation with your lake’s fragile ecosystem.

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    Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for your Garden

    The alternative plants listed in this guide match the growing conditions, site requirements, and garden effect of their sometimes problematic invasive counterparts.

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    Landowner Guide to Water Quality in the Kawarthas

    This guide uses a seasonal approach to the implementation of best management practices (BMPs). You will find information throughout the booklet to help you reduce your impact on local lakes and rivers. Good water quality and a healthy, sustainable environment are a result of responsible home and property management choices. Evaluate the current activities on your property as you read through the guide. You will find easy ways to make a positive change to your land use practices. Other options are presented that may be more challenging, but your actions will have multiple benefits, including saving you additional effort, time, and money, and protecting the long-term quality of water.

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