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All of the following activities within a regulated area require a permit:

• Construction of any new building or structure
• Replacement, reconstruction, relocation, or expansion of an existing building or structure (including new/replacement foundation, new crawlspace or basement, the addition of a second storey etc.)
• Fill placement, excavation, or grade modifications
• Any change to an existing building or structure that would alter the use or potential use (i.e. changing from residential to commercial, adding/removing an apartment unit, etc.)
• Watercourse crossings (i.e., bridges, culverts, bed-level crossings)
• Watercourse channel realignment, channelization, or straightening
• Enclosing, burying, or piping a watercourse
• Dredging, trenching, ditching
• Erosion protection including shoreline stabilization measures (i.e., adding rock along shoreline, retaining walls, armour stone)
• Changing or interfering in any way with a wetland (i.e., vegetation clearing, excavation, grading, fill placement, draining, installing roads, trails, or parking areas)
• Pond construction, maintenance, or enlargement (does not include ponds solely created for livestock watering)
• Replacement of existing septic systems
• Draining/removing wetland
• For agriculture-related activities please see our Agricultural Guide to Permits

The following activities in regulated areas generally do not require a permit unless they would interfere with a watercourse (i.e., drainage ditch, creek, lake) or wetland. This would include activities that are:

• Maintenance and/or upkeep of existing buildings or structures (i.e., window repair, siding, new roof) that does not change the use, size, or location of the building/structure
• Well installation
• Non-structural activities associated with existing agricultural use (i.e. cropping, pasturing, tilling, fence row clearing, stone pile removal)
• Some other non-structural type that would not result in alterations to the existing grade (i.e., gardening)
• Fence installation/maintenance
• Pond installation for the sole purpose of watering livestock
• Beaver dam removal.


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